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Transport Decontamination Service

Transport Decontamination Service

Whether working with fleets of public or private sector vehicles, private charter planes, yacht manufactures or re-fitters, Dewpoint’s decontamination service is both flexible and discrete. We are offering the highest standards of decontamination professionally and flexibly.

Nursery Decontamination Service

Nursery Decontamination Service

Reducing the risk of cross-infection within Nursery's using Dewpoint's decontamination service, which is an approved and validated method of room disinfection ensures the elimination of pathogens such as Scarlet Fever and Norovirus.

Healthcare Decontamination Service

Healthcare Decontamination Service

From the disinfection of a single patient room to a complete facility, Dewpoint’s decontamination service provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective pathogen eradication programme reducing the risk of HCAI’s.

Care Home Decontamination Service

Care Home Decontamination Service

Protecting your residents, patients, staff or visitors is vital in the control of Norovirus and other harmful microbes. Dewpoint’s disinfection service provides the highest standards of decontamination professionally and flexibly.

Gym Decontamination Service

Gym Decontamination Service

A typical treadmill has 74 times more bacteria than a public bathroom tap. The standard set of free weights has 362 times more germs than a toilet seat. Dewpoint provides fast and cost-effective equipment and room decontamination service to eradicate pathogens.

Wellness Decontamination Service

Wellness Decontamination Service

From Bikram Yoga Classes to busy gyms, Dewpoint offers equipment and room disinfection service, making them microbiologically safe and reducing the risk of cross-infection, ensuring your clients stay healthy and keep returning.

Office Space Decontamination Service

Office Space Decontamination Service

From single office disinfection to whole offices buildings, including individual working spaces, keyboards, computers and furniture, Dewpoint’s decontamination service helps keep employees healthy and happy, increasing productivity.

Dewpoint is a team of decontamination experts who, over the last ten years, have developed a unique body of skills in no-touch, aerial disinfection of surfaces, touchpoints and equipment in areas where children and adults, work, play or relax. Making sure the environment is Microbiologically Safe.


For environments which have been or have the potential to be exposed to a pathogen, our trained staff offer a full decontamination service with rapid response times.


Dewpoint offer high quality, validated results in minimal turnaround times using innovative techniques and equipment and all at highly competitive rates.


Our clients tell us that we also fit in and communicate well whilst being self-sufficient and, most importantly, they see us as enthusiastic members of their team.


Dewpoint only uses chemicals which are compliant with the current and future European Standard for Airborne Disinfection Systems coming in to force in February 2017.

Virus Transmission via a door handle.

With Dewpoint, many environments can be made Microbiologically Safe, from a Day Nursery to a Hospital Ward and from a Livestock Barn to a Luxury Yacht.


Regardless of the size or complexity of your facility, you and your client can have a Microbiologically Safe environment in which

to work, play or relax.


Dewpoint offers highly bespoke, expert aerial decontamination and in turn, you gain the valuable operational benefits of:

  • Peace of mind from validated, quality results

  • Great value for money, especially for multiple area decontaminations

  • Less disruption from adaptable, communicative and sensitive service teams.

  • The Gold Standard for high-level disinfection.










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From single room decontamination to whole ward decontaminations for both public and private providers.
Animal Care
Dewpoint work with Veterinary Surgeries and farmers to ensure that their working environments are microbiologically safe.
Child Care Facilities


Providing the Gold Standard in disinfection Dewpoint keep children, staff and visitors safe by eliminating harmful pathogens from the environment.



Trains, planes, automobiles and boats all have a very high throughput of people with many hands touching surfaces combined with coughing and sneezing in a confined space. This is a recipe for cross-contamination.



Offices and call centres now use some form of disinfection on a daily basis to ensure they are keeping their offices virus-free ensuring a reduction of costs due to absence and sickness.

Gyms & Leisure


Gyms, Sports Halls, Yoga Studios and sports equipment can be safely and quickly disinfected ensuring all their members are getting the best protection against bacteria and viruses left on sports equipment.


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"Dewpoint really understood our problem and the depth of knowledge regarding transmission routes was astounding. First-class service-thank you"

Nursery owner

"The work was completed on time and at the price quoted. I can highly recommend Dewpoint for decontamination of gyms and gym equipment."

Private Gym

"We liked the idea of Bio-Security so much after Dewpoint had decontaminated our waiting rooms and theatre suit we now rent the equipment and actively promote the fact that our surgery is fogged and pathogen-free."

Veterinary Surgery


Our Contact Details

telephone: 0161 410 4101

mobile: 07900 477 672



Opening Hours

We are open 24/7 for emergency call outs. Please use the mobile number above for out of hours contact.

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