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Using dry steam to decontaminate a kitchen floor.

The client was returning home after working abroad for a number of years. They have a small child and asked if we could make their kitchen floor a little safer as he likes to toddle around while mummy works.

The flooring was a lovely type a travertine. However the grouting had badly discoloured and was very greasy around the highly trafficked areas. This allowed all sorts of germs and bacteria to have a happy home in which to live and grow protected by a yucky biofilm.

First we used high pressure dry steam "as seen in the video" to remove this biofilm from the grouting and the carried out the whole process and the tiles themselves removing any biofilm which was present.

After this we then used an electrostatic spray to apply a mono-layer of surface disinfectant with a residual Ant-Microbial Barrier which is tested to EN1276 and EN1650 standards. This process provides up to 14 days anti-microbial protection to surfaces.

I will post a video of the application of the disinfectant in a later blog and explain the science behind dry-steam and residual chemicals in a bit more detail explaining the benefits.

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